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Principali attività

GEA Refrigeration Italy, part of GEA Group, provides process refrigeration and gas
compression solutions.
This oil and gas-focused team delivers solutions for upstream (dew point control,
gas gathering, wellhead gas compression); midstream (storage refrigeration, boil off
gas, small-scale LNG, pipeline compression); refineries (process gas compression,
gas recovery systems); downstream (process refrigeration and gas compression for
petrochemical and chemical applications); and power applications (gas boosting, TIAC).
GEA’s hundreds of worldwide references span on-shore and off-shore projects and
include closed-cycle refrigeration and boil-off gas systems using various refrigerants
(ammonia, hydrocarbons and mixed refrigerants). The company provides EP capabilities
related to skid-mounted units with in-house engineering, project management,
workshop, commissioning and start up teams.
GEA Refrigeration Italy designs according to all applicable codes (ASME, API, GOST)
and according to major customer engineering codes (Shell, Saudi Aramco, Chevron,
PDO) utilizing dry screw, oil-flooded screw, reciprocating and centrifugal compressor
technologies. GEA provides RAM and FMECA analysis during project realization as well
as troubleshooting analysis and retrofit studies.
In addition, GEA Refrigeration Italy designs and installs customized industrial refrigeration
plants for a world of applications including:
• Food, beverage and dairy processing;
• Chemical and pharmaceutical processes;
• Cold storage plants for distribution centers;
• Ice skating rinks, zoos and theme parks.
ISO 9001, 29001, 14001, 18001 certified, GEA provides excellence in design,
procurement and assembling. The company utilizes GEA-manufactured, main system
components including compressors and conducts in-house testing. In addition, GEA
provides full-scope service, original spare parts, multi-year maintenance agreements
and retrofit feasibility studies.

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