Animp - Associazione Nazionale Impiantistica Industriale Animp - Associazione Nazionale Impiantistica Industriale
1 set 2020


Technical Panel: "Targeting Zero Emissions: new energy products and environmental solutions".

The panel will offer an overview of the available technology solutions aimed at boosting reuse and circular economy and achieving zero emissions. Additional focus will be placed on innovation and digitalization that are rapidly transforming the energy industry.

The aim is to give an overview on the different routes to achieve sustainable energy:

- Chemical conversion routes which offer the possibility to transform waste materials into high value-added products, thus unlocking all the potential of the Circular Economy paradigm,
- Decarbonization strategies with the deployment of new technologies aimed at capturing and using carbon emissions,
- Zero emission sources, such as solar, wind and hybrid systems,
- Digitalization which can help create new opportunities for integrated solutions where efficiency and renewable energy work together.

September 10th, 2020 -  3 pm 

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