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CANNON ARTES S.p.A., a leading global engineering and construction Company, pro- vides tailored water and wastewater treatment plants in particular for the Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Power Generation, Pulp & Paper and Pharmaceutical markets.

Expert engineering, vast know-how, and Italian craftsmanship help to reduce water footprint around the globe, treating more than 500 mln m3 per year.

CANNON ARTES’ range of products covers the following:

  • Effluent Water Treatment Reuse. CANNON ARTES’ solution addresses waste water treatment and reuse in a variety of industrial sectors where the most appropriate selection of technologies coupled with maximum flexibility are requested to tackle the variability of flow and chemical
  • Produced Water & Injection Water treatment in the Oil & Gas upstream sector, onshore and offshore. Water is a key issue to enhance recovery of crude oil.
  • Deaerators based on ZeroGas Deaerator® technology where removal of dissol- ved gases (such as oxygen and carbon dioxide) from process water and boiler feed water is accomplished through vacuum, thermophysical or membrane deaeration.
  • Demineralisation Systems targeted to the production of high purity water. Removal of dissolved solids is achieved by means of membranes or ion-exchange
  • Condensate Polishing Units. Traces of different kind of impurities are re- moved from the return steam condensate in order to make it suitable for reuse within high-pressure thermal cycles.
  • Cooling Water Treatment & Filtration. Treatment of make-up and side- stream water is crucial in order to avoid build-up of solids in the
  • Sanitary Water Treatment. By means of package solutions, civil waste water can be treated in isolated compounds, offshore platforms, construction camps and make treated water suitable for reuse.
  • Desalination & Drinking Water production. CANNON ARTES’ solutions are considering sea water desalinated through reverse osmosis and drinking water produced with package-type, containerised

CANNON ARTES can also provide: inspection and assessment of existing plants, overhaul and corrective maintenance, repairs, engineering, modernization of existing plants, retrofitting, revamping projects, customized spares, original spares.

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ISO 14001:2015

UNI ISO 45001:2018


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