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Principali attività

Clauger-Technofrigo S.r.l., part of Clauger S.A., provides air treatment, process refrige- ration and gas compression solutions for Food, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Petrochemi- cal and Power industries.

Business unit PGE (Process, Gas & Energy) team delivers solutions for upstream (dew point control, gas gathering, wellhead gas compression); midstream (storage refrige- ration, boil off gas, pipeline compression); refineries (process gas compression, gas recovery systems); downstream (process refrigeration, gas compression, heat pumps, CO2 Recovery and vapor recovery units); and power applications (gas boosting, TIAC).

Clauger’s hundreds of worldwide references span on-shore and off-shore projects and include closed-cycle refrigeration and boil-off gas systems using various refrigerants (ammonia, hydrocarbons and mixed refrigerants). The company provides EP capabilities related to skid-mounted units with in-house engineering, project management, wor- kshop, commissioning and start up teams.

Clauger-Technofrigo designs according to all applicable codes (ASME, API) and accor- ding to major customer engineering codes (Shell, Saudi Aramco, Chevron, PDO) utilizing dry screw, oil-flooded screw, reciprocating and centrifugal compressor technologies. Clauger provides RAM and FMECA analysis during project realization as well as trou- bleshooting analysis and retrofit studies.

ISO 9001, 29001, 14001, 45001, 50001 certified, a system integrator of main OEM compressor brans partnership. In addition, Clauger provides full-scope service, original spare parts, multi-year maintenance agreements and retrofit feasibility studies

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2.580.000,00 euro


47.378.638 euro


ISO 9001

ISO 14001

ISO 29001

ISO 45001

ISO 50001


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