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Principali attività

FLOWSERVE legacy dates back more than 200 years and has been built through an
unmatched portfolio of industry-leading brand names known worldwide, i.e.
Pumps: Aldrich, Byron Jackson, Calder, Durco, IDP, Pacific, Pleuger, Niigata Worthington,
Scienco, Sier-Bath, TKL, United Centrifugal, Wilson-Snyder, Worthington, FEDD Wireless,
Lawrence Pumps, INNOMAG, SIHI
Seals: BW Seals, Durametallic, GASPAC, Interseal, Pac-Seal, Pacific Wietz
FLOWSERVE is a world leading manufacturer and aftermarket service provider of flow
control and services for the most critical applications.
FLOWSERVE provides pumps, mechanical seals, valves, automation and services to the
power, oil & gas, chemical, water and general industry.
FLOWSERVE, with more than 17,000 employees in more than 50 countries, is playing a
critical role in protecting the environment by providing products which meet the highest
levels of emissions control.
FLOWSERVE is already supporting many advancements in alternative energy
markets, such as: Clean Coal & Coal Gasification, LNG, Bio-Technology, Solar Power,
Geo-Thermal Power, Wind Power, Compressed Hydrogen Gas Fuel, Ocean Thermal
Energy Conversion.
Worthington S.r.l. is the Italian Operations of FLOWSERVE Corp. and provides engineered
pumps and pump systems, mechanical seals, auxiliary systems, replacement parts,
repairs and services for Oil & Gas production and renewable energy.
Worthington, that was founded as an independent operating unit in 1979, is present
on the Italian Market since 1922. Worthington S.r.l. fully adheres to the core values
of competence, commitment, creativity, confidence, collaboration and character which
drive the customer-centric culture of Flowserve Group.

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