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Principali attività

PES is a global provider of multidisciplinary engineering, service and service management.


Our company boasts a worldwide presence with operating offices in Italy (Rosignano Solvay (LI), Milan, Florence, Rome, Bari, Brindisi, Taranto, Gela and Vibo Marina (VV))

and abroad (London (UK), Abu Dabhi (UAE), Ploiesti (Romania)) and counts more than 150 employees operating in all continents.

Moreover, our worldwide partnerships support us with the recruitment of local technicians.


PES operate mainly in the field of Oil & Gas, Renewable Energies (Geothermal & Wind), Petrochemical, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, and Automotive and provides:



  • Multidisciplinary Engineering: Feasibility study, Engineering for EPC, FEED, Process, Piping, Mechanical, Electro-Instrumental, Civil, Structural and Machinery Engineering and 3D Modelling, laser Scanning and Reverse Engineering, Inspection and Expediting, Supervision of construction, start-up, commissioning, and maintenance.


  • Global Service: Mechanical and Electro-instrumental maintenance. Supervision during assembling, commissioning. Skilled personnel on site, conversions, modifications, upgrading. Spare parts for pumps, turbines, valves, pipelines, centrifugal and reciprocating compressors. Welding & manpower services on site.


  • Service Management: Inspections, tests, start-up, expediting, and supplier activities monitoring, supervision of construction activities, training courses for the personnel, quality, and welding control supervisors in workshops and on site.



Via Mattei, 11 – 57016 Rosignano Solvay (LI)



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