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Principali attività

The services offered by SHL organisation include, among others the complete door-todoor
transport of project cargo and international Freight Forwarding.
The activity of “project transport” mainly includes the delivery of material for the construction
of complete plants.
During the construction of a plant, whether you are transporting by normal trailers, ocean
going vessels, carrying out container deliveries or large reactors, every single activity
involving the movement of any single item has its relevant importance!! “No difference,
same target: safe and professional performances, timing and competitive rates”. We fully
focus on identifying our client’s specific needs and tailoring unique solutions to suit and
solve all your requirements.
We see ourselves as an extension of our customers in their respective supply chains, in
order to provide the best in terms of both cost and service.
When you’re still wondering how to move it, we’ve already got something in mind.
Additional, offered by SHL:
- Coordination skill to find new solutions and being flexible in fitting with the continuous
evolutions of the shipment/project
- Technological Know how;
- Dedicated Project manager from the beginning to the end of project.
SHL is one of the few companies in the world that can offer at the same time, Heavy
Lifting, Handling and Project Logistics services.
This combination enables SHL to provide our clients with a unique “Total Supply Chain”
concept that keeps coordination and responsibility in the hands of one company.
One contact, less interfacing risks, reduced costs and better coordinated services!!
Sit back, relax and watch us take care of your project. That’s what we call providing our
clients with turnkey solutions.

Entra a far parte di una rete capace di connettere persone, competenze, realtà imprenditoriali e di studio nel campo dell'ingegneria industriale per avere una visione strategica di sviluppo del settore