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Principali attività

Everytime society and markets are basing their activities on energy. Everything moves
and revolves around it. It is therefore necessary a great deal of social responsibility and
expertise to be able to operate in this important yet delicate branch.
Today Uniterm is one of the most skilled and referenced company regarding the design
and manufacturing of heat exchanger: gas - gas and gas - liquid, thanks to its ability to
foresee and answer contemporary customers’ requirements.
The company was founded back in 1959, when the original founders created it bearing
in mind a clear and ambitious project: to make the most of their expertise in this branch
in order to manufacture long-lasting and trustworthy products, their design based on
each customer’s specific requirement.
From its foundation and up to now the Society, which is still run by the second generation
of its founders, has been pursuing this goal.
Uniterm srl’s focus is to portray its activities not only as a manufacturer, but also and
foremost as an engineering partner to support and solve heat exchange’s problems.
Thanks to years of expertise, we are able to help our customers suggesting improved
solutions, which have been designed after the examination of performances, functioning
conditions, maintenance and duration exigencies.
Mechanical and thermodynamic designs are supported by the latest modern softwares.
Calculation programs are state of the art in their specific industry and the results are
constantly monitored thanks to on board results.
The project, manufacturing and quality control of each part, in pressure and structural,
happen in our factory, according to the utmost important international regulations, as
shown by the many certifications we have achieved throughout the years.
Moreover, our Quality Management System is complying to ISO 9001 regulations since
Significant resources are dedicated to the training and certification of our employees,
since our business competence depends on the skills of our personnel.
The range of our products includes: Air Cooled Heat Exchangers, Air and Gas
Heaters, Economizers and Heat Recovery Units, Finned or Bare Tube Coils for
Air and Gas Heating or Cooling
The applications of our heat exchangers are many: in industrial drying process, in
waste incineration plant, in boilers, in pollution control and abatement systems, in
cogeneration systems and in power plants, in oil & gas, in chemical industry and in
industrial refrigeration.
All of our products are shaped by standards granting solidity and efficiency even in the
hardest industrial conditions and are essential elements to save energy and decrease
harmful emissions during the procedures, since we actively care about our environment.
With over 59 years of expertise and more than 16.000 heat exchangers installed
worlwide, Uniterm is the perfect partner for its customers.
Uniterm S.rl. – Heat Exchange Engineering

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