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Principali attività

XYLEM provides a wide array of Consulting services to drive Clients’
performance through People, Process, Platforms and Facilities.
XYLEM Professionals bring their large industrial and functional experience in Fortune
500 companies across Italy, Greece, UK, Qatar, UAE, KSA and USA to trigger the Change
through cutting-edge management consulting. We work with a unique collaborative
model within the Company at all levels of the customer’s organization to deliver results
that help our customers grow by:
• Project Management
• Change Management
• Supplier Performance Management
• Quality Critical Applications
• Sales force effectiveness
• Post M&A integration
• Strategic Business Planning
• Strategy Operationalization
• Team Effectiveness
• Lean and Continuous Improvement
• Cost Consulting
• Business Transformation and Restructuring
• Organizational Design and Development
• HR Management and Staffing
• Certifications
• Security
We mainly operate in:
• Aerospace & Defense
• Automotive
• Construction
• Mining & Petroleum
• Oil & Gas
• Power Generation
• Railway
• Steel Production
• Process Industry
Our approach to drive continuous improvement is aided by the Six Sigma
Concept and Lean Tools.
• We start by pinpointing the target areas
• We co-work as needed
• We measure & analyze facts
• We then jointly define measurable outcomes
• We enhance the connectivity between employees and management
• Implementation and reaping... We can either drive the implementation hands-on
or just supervise
The offering is fully tailored to individual customer needs.
We generally follow a Return on Consulting Cost (RoCC) approach.

Entra a far parte di una rete capace di connettere persone, competenze, realtà imprenditoriali e di studio nel campo dell'ingegneria industriale per avere una visione strategica di sviluppo del settore